Greetings fellow Rotarians.  It was a perfect day for planting.  Lots of rain, not too hot.  We got it done and the park looks beautiful.  I would like to thank my gardening pals who showed up on Monday and got really wet and full of mud...many thanks to Michael and Monika Kanka, and Nancy Edwards who worked cheerfully in the rain with me to get the plants into their new home.

Drop by and take a stroll.  Yet to do, we are putting in an electrical and a water trench, plus some tables and benches into the area.  We will also be putting a Rotary sign up somewhere in the near future.

 Still needed?????  During this first season, the plants will need some care including some watering and weeding.  I am looking for volunteers who will committ to visiting the park during "their designated week" and making sure the plants aren't too thirsty etc.  Let me know if you can spare some time to make sure the gardent establishes itself.  I am thinking maybe two or three hours during the week you sign up for.

Thank you once again to those who made it happen - Carney's for the soil, Cardinal Concrete and Coast Agg. for the equipment operator time, and the gravel, Marty Hopkins who donated a half day to truck the soil and gravel, Doug Barone our equipment operator who donated a full day of his work, Home Depot for the plant discounts, Chris Rommel who will be donating the time and equipment for the electrical and water trenches.  Thanks to Brian Findley who spearheaded this project. 

Rose Fast