November 1st, 2015
Editor's note: Welcome to Squamish Rotary News which I hope will be a monthly newsletter.  As you read down you will notice that I haven't yet mastered the newsletter system. But bear with me as I climb the learning curve.
All comments and suggestions will be gratefully received, as will ideas for stories.  Brian
Beating the November Blahs!
November will be different.
We will be holding a small competition for the month of November.  Rotary Club members will be split up into 4 teams. The teams were announced at the last meeting in October (see Pat Taylor's email of Oct 29th).
Teams will accumulate points during the month of November from:
  • the results of team challenges which will be held at the club meetings during the month of November;
  • the team’s attendance;
  • and the number of guests brought to meetings during the month.
At the first meeting of November the team will decide on their choice of charity (a current club program) and $200 will be donated to the winning team’s choice (funding from the months fines).
Each team will appoint a Captain and a Co-Captain
Teams will be assigned one element of the “Four Way Test” ie. Truth; Fairness; Goodwill, Friendship.  Details on how this will be used will follow later.
  • November 5th – Business Meeting with team activity;
  • November 12 – Rotary Trivia;
  • November 19th – A day in the life at RYLA;
  • November 26 – TBD
The goal is to have fun, learn and share information about Rotary, and to build goodwill and better friendships.
Small Group Think Tanks
With a goal of engaging more of our members and figuring out what is working and what is not working in our club, Denise Imbeau is leading some small group think tanks.   She hopes to get through as many members as she can this year.  I would like to encourage you to be honest with your thoughts, comments and ideas for our club.  What is your passion?  How can you enrich our club with your unique skills and talents?  What are you hoping to accomplish?   These are some of the questions that Denise will be asking you. 
One of the objects of Rotary is to maintain high ethical standards in all of our day-to-day dealings, with a goal of bringing our best selves to all of our endeavors including our club.   The Think Tank will be exploring ways to be our best self.   There is a value and a strength to having several generations serving together for the good of Rotary and our community, however this dynamic also creates an on-going challenge of diversity.   Younger members bring an exciting fresh perspective while older members are able to provide a context and a history that is invaluable.   Exploiting this diversity for the benefit of Rotary is one of our goals this year, please participate fully.
Evening Meetings
In order to allow folks who cannot get away from work during the day an opportunity to attend Rotary meetings, President Anne will be attempting to schedule one meeting a month in the evening.  If you are one of those who have trouble attending during the day, now is your chance to get involved, stay-in-touch and participate more frequently with club activities.  We look forward to seeing you.
Recent Events
October 31st - Rotary Pavilion Nears Completion
The Rotary Pavilion at the Squamish Legacy Sports Park.
We're on the final phase - only a few more tasks to do. There may be a couple more workparties needed to finish the job.
Watch this space for the Grand Opening!
Oct 22nd - Rotary Evening
At this special meeting chaired by President Anne and emcee'd by Doug Race, we honored local citizens, long serving members, and a very special Rotarian.
Paul Harris Fellows were awarded to Lori Broker and Le-Anne Weatherbee for their work and support of the Breakfast Program.
Honorary Member certificates were presented to long serving members for their service to the club and the community:-
Colin Ransom, Stein Hoff, Dave Stewart (award accepted by Elsie Stewart), Jim Mulholland, Norma Kindree (wife of charter member Dr. Laverne Kindree, who passed away several years ago) and Colleen Drenka (wife of charter member John Drenka, who also passed away). Matt Souza and Joe Gravkin were honored but could not attend the meeting. 
Denise Rittberg and Ann Gawley persuaded uo to part with our dollars for PolioPlus and explained how donations are worth 5X when matched by the Canadian Government and the Gates Foundation.  Auctioneer Bill McNeney squeezed $900 for a bottle of Irish malt whiskey donated by Ann Gawley.
And we all celebrated with Lloyd Ingraham on his 99th birthday! 
October 23rd - PolioDay
Squamish Rotarians had several booths around town to raise awareness about polio and Rotary's commitment to End Polio Now.
We were joined by a local resident and polio survivor who told us how important Rotary's work is, and how Rotary helped her as a young girl. 
October 16th - Rotary on Ice
A group of Squamish Rotarians travelled to the Pacific Coliseum to join more Rotarians for "Rotary on Ice" where the Vancouver Giants played the Tri-Cities Americans in a WHL hockey game. The event was in aid of Rotary’s PolioPlus campaign to eradicate polio from our world. A portion of the ticket proceeds went to PolioPlus
September 27th - Rivers Day
Squamish Rotarians joined the Squamish River Watershed Society for Rivers Day at the estuary restoration project of the old Westbarr logsort site. Rotary provided a BBQ and refreshments.
September 9th - Shoreline Cleanup
Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Shoreline Cleanup. A group of Rotarians were out on the estuary trails. We were actually surprised by how little rubbish we collected. Kudos to Squamish folks for keeping our community clean!
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Community Christmas Care - Hamper Delivery
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Christmas Party
at the home of Owen & Anne Carney
Dec 15, 2016 6:00 PM
Foundation Dinner
hosted by Greg Gardner & Lila
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