A Message from President Anne.
Preparing for our District Governor John Anderson and his wife Claire's visit to our lunch meeting on December 10 has given me an opportunity to reflect on the past 6 months of being President of one of the best service Clubs in the world. We really have accomplished a great deal as we gear up for 2016 and the next half of the Rotary year. I think we're in a stronger position to move forward and get some projects underway!
I've learned so much about Rotary and the good we do in the world.
I've learned more about the ALL the members of our club who are creative, friendly, energetic, intelligent, generous, persistent, patient, thoughtful and active.
I've learned about the Rotary motto...Service above Self. It's been a challenge, I won't say that it hasn't been, to balance personal and service commitments.
I've learned that learning never stops. I've also learned that asking for help, tapping into the strengths and talents of others and staying positive goes a long way in us being a Gift to the World.
How about you...what have you learned about being part of Rotary?
Owen & I want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and Health and Happiness in the New Year.
Rotary Trivia
  1. Who was the first president of a Rotary Club?
  2. Who was the first president of the Rotary Club of Squamish?
Dec 08, 2016
District Governor Lyn Stroshin
Dec 15, 2016
At the home of Owen & Anne Carney
Dec 22, 2016
Happy Holidays
Dec 29, 2016
Happy Holidays
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Upcoming Events
Rotary Hearts - Building & Painting Work Party!
40192 Kintyre Drive (Laurie Vanzella's house)
Dec 03, 2016
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Community Christmas Care - Sorting (Day 1)
Big blue warehouse on Logger’s Lane across from the log sort
Dec 09, 2016
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Community Christmas Care - Sorting (Day 2)
Big blue warehouse on Logger’s Lane across from the log sort
Dec 12, 2016
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Community Christmas Care - Packing
Big blue warehouse on Logger’s Lane across from the log sort
Dec 14, 2016
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Community Christmas Care - Hamper Delivery
Big blue warehouse on Logger’s Lane across from the log sort
Dec 15, 2016
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Christmas Party
at the home of Owen & Anne Carney
Dec 15, 2016 6:00 PM
Foundation Dinner
hosted by Greg Gardner & Lila
Jan 28, 2017 6:00 PM
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Food for thought – What makes a Strong Rotary Club?
Thoughts from John Kenny
Rotary International President 2009-10
I have always thought it important to bear in mind that Rotary is a voluntary organization, composed of people who all share common values. When we in Rotary speak about the importance of membership, I believe it is of the utmost importance to bear in mind that the primary experience of Rotary, for the overwhelming majority of Rotarians, is of the club; of club meetings, club projects, and fellow club members.
When Paul Harris began the first Rotary club 104 years ago, he did not initially think of service. Instead, he had in mind a place where people of good character, intelligence, and morals could enjoy each other’s fellowship and friendship. The service came later, as a natural outgrowth of the gathering of such people.
Every good Rotarian, every member who shares our core values, will make a club that much stronger and that much more attractive for others to join. Rotarians are and must be people with the capacity to do great deeds, the sense to do them wisely, and the strength of character to do them honestly and well.
In the end, I believe that the best way to bring new members into Rotary is the way it has been done for generations: One member invites a chosen friend, client, or colleague to a meeting and, if the match is a good one, proposes that individual for membership. This is the way that our clubs remain harmonious; it is the way that new clubs become old clubs, and new members become Rotarians for life. In Rotary, everything we are, and everything we aspire to become, lies in the hands of Rotarians in their clubs. If our clubs are congenial and our meetings well run, if our service is carefully planned and competently carried out, if our members are qualified, honest, and respected in their vocations and communities, then all of Rotary will thrive.
Chris Offer – What’s A Good Rotarian?
Day of Dialogue, Nov 2015
I suggest a good Rotarian is an engaged Rotarian. Not in one part of the club activities but balanced and active in a variety of club pursuits and even working in Rotary beyond the club.
We don’t want clubs that are like oatmeal porridge – sitting there wet and soggy – we want clubs that are like Rice Crispies that snap, crackle and pop.
In the Star Wars Sequel – The Empire Strikes Back – Yoda, the Jedi teacher, tries to implant into Luke Skywalker the means of engaging the “force” that is the greatest power in the universe.  Luke replies that he will try – Yoda says “there is no try, there is either do or not do.”
The same is true with a vibrant Rotary Club.
I propose that there are three essential ingredients steps required to be a good Rotarian in a good Club.
First is Friendship:-  It is the one of the key reasons Paul Harris started Rotary.   Friendship is the key ingredient that holds Rotary together. Part of friendship is club meetings, socials, and events.
Second is Engagement:-  A good Rotary club ensures opportunities for every member to be active. That is committee work and opportunities for hands on service projects for members. A Rotary club needs its members to be involved and active with the club.
Third is Nourishment:-  A good club educates their members about Rotary. The club ensures opportunities for leadership positions, encourages attendance at conferences, seminars and Rotary events outside the club. The good Rotarian takes advantage of the training opportunities and attends conferences, assemblies and the Rotary Leadership Institute.
There is a debate in some parts of Rotary if we are a membership organization or a service organization.  Is our purpose to serve our members or do service projects?
Rotary was established to serve its members. We offer friendship, leadership opportunities and we facilitate opportunities for service both local and international. Let’s always remember our members are our priority.
On a personal note, when I moved to Squamish in 2008, I knew not a soul in the community.  With Rotary, I have made friends and enjoy being an active member of our club.  I knew that through Rotary I would also get involved in our community with service, events, and social activities.  But for me, the most important part was the fellowship.
Two things to ponder:
  1. Is our Rotary club a fellowship organisation that does service, or a service organisation that has fellowship?
  2. Our Rotary club is only as strong as our members – members who are active and engaged; who attend meetings and events for friendship and fellowship; and through that provide service and make a difference in our community and around the world.
Beating the November Blahs!
During November, President Anne set a goal to have fun, learn and share information about Rotary, and to build goodwill and better friendships.
The club was divided into 4 teams - Truth, Fair, Friendship, and Beneficial.  Teams earned points in fun competitions and challenges, attendance, and guest invitations.  The winning team would receive $200 to be donated to one of the club’s programs, or charities. (funded by the November fines).
November 5th was a team challenge – building the tallest tower out of spaghetti, string, and tape. With a marshmallow
on top! Engineers and Artists debated furiously. Competitive natures were there for all to see!
November 12th saw Rotaractors Luisa and Hayley test our knowledge of Rotary with Rotary trivia – weird and wonderful questions such as:  “What was the first Rotary Club community project?” and “What is the greatest distance from Chicago that a Rotary Club banner has been displayed?”
November 19th brought Tanya Hall, District RYLA committee, to give us a taste of life at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).  She had members requesting a similar event for more mature Rotarians! Of course with consideration for those of us needing night time bathroom visits and a plentiful supply of anti-snoring pills!
November 26th featured Don Evans with a lucid presentation on our charity, the Rotary Foundation.  Don Evans and Don Patrick presented Paul Harris Fellow awards.
Nancy Edwards and Peter Martin became Paul Harris Fellows.  Also receiving recognition were Ron Anderson (PHF+2), Brian Finley (PHF+1), Ann Gawley (PHF+3), and Laurie Vanzella (PHF+2).
At the same meeting, a cheque was presented from the Linda Carney Rotary Cares Fund to Grace Halverson for initial funding of the Volunteer Driver Program for Cancer Patients.
Past-president Brian, on behalf of our club, accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the Rotary Foundation for our support of PolioPlus during 2014-15. ADG Liz presented the certificate.
.....and after all that, the top team was FRIENDSHIP, captained by Kathleen van der Ree.  $200 will go to Casa Colibri, a medical clinic in Guatemala.
District Conference 2016 - Whistler
The District Conference will be held in Whistler April 28 - May 21, 2016 at the Chateau Whistler.  The Conference Committee has put together an exciting and solid program featuring top quality Rotary and Community presenters, combined with great social events and social activities.  Register NOW for the reduced rate registration.  For more information and registration go to .
Trivia Answers: (congratulations for reading to the end!)
  1. Silvester Schiele. Paul Harris preferred to work behind the scenes to attract new members.
  2. Robert Bishop
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