Posted on Sep 09, 2021
On Thursday, September 9th, we gathered to celebrate 55 years since the founding of the Rotary Club of Squamish. 
It was a beautiful evening and 36 Rotarians and guests enjoyed delicious food and drinks, sharing stories, and reminiscing about the innumerable projects that have had such positive impact on our community and the world.
We send a huge shout-out and thanks to Lynda Rocha, our party queen, who had obviously been missing the opportunity to plan and execute a great party over the past 18 months. She did so with her usual flare, and everyone had a great time! Thanks also to Ann, and Marianna, who also helped in the preparations.
The Rotary Club of Squamish was chartered on September 12th 1966, with 22 local business men including John Drenka, Dr Laverne Kindree, and Don Ross.
The first President was Bob Bishop, the first women were admitted in 1991, and the first woman President was Linda Carney in 1998.