The final event of this term for the Rotary Foundation of Canada...which for you to remember that 100% of the funds received by our charity do get to the inteded source... after three years. 50% to District 5040 and 50% to Global funds... a true International Charity and it belongs to Rotarians.

This event will be hosted by Judy McQuinn and will take place at the McQuinn Manor located at 40257 Kaloden in the Garibaldi Estates area of Squamish.

 The plan is for the guests to arrive at the Manor at 10 AM on the Sunday morning of June 12th to paretake in a guided tour over to the Golf Club and down the Mamquam Dyke, west to the power line, turning right or North passing our Rotary Community Garden, and back along Diamond Head Road to the Manor.


Brunch will be served around 11 AM on our arrival.

Please reserve your spot by emailing Don Patrick at

The cost is $25/person and the cheque should be made out to the "Rotary Foundation (Canada)" and uou will receive credits towards your Paul Harris award leve.

Thank you for your participation... we have ten participants at present... let's make President Pat proud.