Posted on Jun 13, 2019
On June 13th 2019, the Rotary Club of Squamish awarded $11,250 in BC Community Gaming Grants to groups and organisations in the Squamish community.
This year’s recipients are:
To be Used For
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Support for the teen mentoring program.
Camp Summit
Funds to support sending youth to camp who would not otherwise be able to go.
Rotary Youth Programs
Funding for Squamish students to participate in various Rotary Youth programs
Sea to Sky Nordics Biathlon Bears
Funds to purchase equipment for the Biathlon Bears junior program.
Senior’s Friday Night Dinners
Purchase of food for evening dinners with friends & family.
Squamish Archery Junior Olympic Program
To repair and replace equipment.
Squamish Schools Breakfast Program
Funds to provide breakfasts in the Squamish schools for kids who arrive without having a good start to their day..
Squamish Food Bank
Funds for food purchases.
Squamish Skating Club
Support for the Winter Carnival Ice Show..
Squamish Youth Centre
Purchase musical instruments and amplifier for media room.
TOTAL   $11,250
Over the last 13 years the Rotary Club of Squamish has received, and awarded $201,250 in BC Gaming Grants to deserving organisations in Squamish.

Liz Scott, Gaming Grant Chair, and President Kathleen van der Ree presented the awards.

Liz Scott gave an introduction and explained the BC Community Gaming Grant awards,
Gord Lyster - Squamish Food Bank.
Paul Greening - Squamish Archery Junior Olympic Program.
Crystal Tress - Squamish Skating Club.
Karyn Smith - Seniors' Friday Night Dinners.
Marina Peault - Big Brothers Big Sisters
Caitlin Anderson, Karen Clarke - Squamish Youth Centre.
Lori Broker - School Breakfast Program