Heather Mann: Squamish Just Recovery
Sep 10, 2020 12:00 PM
12:00noon: Online ZOOM meeting. email us to join.
Heather Mann: Squamish Just Recovery
Heather is a social scientist by training, motivated to support the transition to an economy that operates within social and planetary boundaries.
Inspired by Just Recovery movements around the world, she and her colleagues came together based on the belief that COVID-19 pandemic has put us at an inflection point; - we can either spend billions returning to a façade of "business as usual", a world of vast inequality and cascading ecological crises, or we can come together to shape a better future.
"In solidarity with national groups calling for a Just Recovery, we have outlined a set of principles to help guide Squamish's recovery efforts and to encourage our community to build back better. We're asking the District and the community to endorse these principles to support a just and resilient Squamish that works for everyone."