Chuck Baumberg and Crosby MacDonald: - Wave Forest Surf Park
Mar 11, 2021 12:00 PM
12:00noon: Online ZOOM meeting. email us to join.
Chuck Baumberg and Crosby MacDonald: - Wave Forest Surf Park

Chuck and Crosby will be speaking about the development of a surf park in the Cheekeye Fan area of Squamish. The surf park will be a large new attraction to the Sea to Sky corridor that will draw in a significant amount of tourists to the region as well as providing the local community an exciting new outdoor adventure sport to participate in. Our aim is to inform stakeholders in the community of our plans and listen to feedback before we go through the development permitting process.

The Wave Forest was founded by myself and Crosby MacDonald. We were both born and raised in Vancouver but found careers in Finance and Consulting respectively in London, UK. After almost 10 years abroad we formed the Wave Forest company and moved home in search of land to launch the business. I now live in Squamish and Crosby is based in Vancouver (for the time being).

Some examples of existing surf parks open in the world if you’re unfamiliar with the concept: