Strawberry Sale 2018

Your strawberries are delivered in two sizes:

5 kg (11 lbs) Pail - $42

13.5kg (30 lbs) Pail - $75


Locally grown, fresh, cleaned and sliced strawberries packed in their own juices.
NO sugar or water added.

So delicious for desserts, smoothies, and treats.
(see the recipes)

Order your Strawberries today!

Just click on the strawberries:

or phone 1-877-404-2010


The Proceeds from the Strawberry Sale will be used for Maternal & Child Health.

The Rotary Club of Squamish will be partnering with the Rotary Club of Nairobi in Kenya to address
obstetric fistula and provide ongoing training and support for maternal and child health in this area.